JEFF BOWMAN is a retired Fire Chief for the City of San Diego. He has also served in the cities of Anaheim and Oceanside. Jeff is the Past President of the California Fire Chiefs Association and is a Fire Services consultant for Ralph Andersen and Associates in Rocklin, California. He is a member and immediate past chairman of the Scripps Health System Board of Trustees and is currently serving on Governor Schwarzeneggar's Blue Ribbon Fire Commission and Task Force.

RONALD SAATHOFF is the President of the San Diego City Fire Fighters (Local 145, I.A.F.F.). He has served as its President since 1981, and has worked for the San Diego Fire Rescue Department since 1977. Ron has tirelessly fought to ensure that resources, both in terms of staffing and equipment, within the San Diego Fire Rescue Department meet the appropriate standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association.

BILL COOPER is a retired executive, educator and management consultant. His background in fire issues was obtained during his employment with Congressman Duncan Hunter after the cedar fire. He was instrumental in getting military and CalFire to sign a MOU, memorandum of understanding, which outlined how future military assets could be used in a local fire disaster. He also hosted the meeting for Congressman Hunter with over 125 fire, public officials and department of defense personnel on the subject of how to operate with the military and coordinate fire activities.

BILL HOFFMAN is a concerned citizen, longtime resident, and active member of numerous organizations throughout the greater San Diego region. He has extensive experience in analysis, planning, operations, and management in service, technology, manufacturing, and other fields. His emergency background includes Community Emergency Response Training (CERT), Red Cross certifications, and FCC Amateur Radio licenses. His role and passion is to help firefighting professionals and the public get the resources they urgently need for proper fire protection throughout the San Diego region.

ROBERT L. CAVAGE is a retired aeronautical systems engineer with 38 years experience in establishing technical requirements and preliminary design of advanced military and commercial aircraft. He is currently president of Wildfire Research Network (WRN), a non-profit public safety research organization created 7 years ago to improve wildfire suppression and control throughout California and the United States. WRN is participating in the San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum because of the common objectives. WRN feels it can bring its broader perspectives and storehouse of research information to aid the Forum in synthesizing quality recommendations for the San Diego region.

CHIEF ERWIN L. WILLIS spent 33 years in the fire service serving in all positions from firefighter to fire chief. He is best known for his passion for fire prevention. He served as the president of the San Diego County Fire Chief's Association and in 2003 and he was honored as the Fire Prevention Officer of the year. While at Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District Chief Willis was instrumental in developing a Memorandum of Understanding with environmental agencies that allows wildland fuel clearing around all structures and roads in San Diego County and development of the first wildland urban interface fire code in San Diego County. He has served on numerous after-fire review boards and now serves on the San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum in a effort to reduce wildland fire losses by implementing improved fire prevention efforts.

JOE URBAN - Oceanside Fire Department (ret.)
City of Oceanside Emergency Preparedness Coordinator/EOC Manager (4 years)
City of Oceanside Fire Department, 24 years
* Firefighter/Paramedic, seven years
* Firefighter, eight years
* Fire Captain, eight years
* Acting Battalion Chief, one year
Unified Disaster Council representative for City of Oceanside
Urban Area Working Group representative for City of Oceanside
Administration/monitoring of State Homeland Security (SHSGP) and Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant programs.

MICHAEL ARCHER is an author, wildfire consultant and public speaker who has been quoted in USA Today, by Associated Press and other news sources. He has written articles for Wildland Firefighter Magazine, Home & Fire Magazine, and others. He has appeared on KABC-TV Los Angeles as well as cable TV discussing wildfire issues. He has lectured to public safety officers, citizen action groups, and service clubs, such as Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs. He is technical consultant and webmaster for Wildfire Research Network, an LA-based 501(c)(3) research and education non-profit. His 'Firebombers Incorporated' series of novels give readers an intriguing 'What if?' scenario of how technology could be harnessed to produce a 21st century firefighting force capable of handling huge wildfires. He is webmaster and technical consultant to the San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum, a group which he regards as being vital to the prevention of future conflagrations in the region.

RICK FISHER retired from the Carlsbad Fire Department with 31 years experience as a firefighter, captain and battalion chief. Currently he is the president of the Carlsbad Firefighters Association (Local 3730, I.A.F.F.). His knowledge of wildland firefighting was gained in participation on many fires, both large and small, inside and outside San Diego County. He has served on the fire line with hand tools and hose lines. He has been an engine company captain directing the actions of a 3 or 4 firefighter crew and a strike team leader directing operations of 15 or 20 firefighters. He has participated in the Harmony Grove, Pines and Paradise fires in San Diego County, the Darby fire and others outside our county all the way to the Oregon border. He is well aware of the shortcomings of the fire service, the communications and mutual aid system and how they affect the firefighter on the fire line. He is participating in this forum as an advocate for the needs of the firefighters and believes what improves public safety also improves firefighter safety.

RICHARD W. HALSEY is the director of the California Chaparral Institute, a research and educational organization focusing on the ecology of California's shrubland ecosystems, the dynamics of wildland fire in both natural and human communities, and the importance of fire education. Mr. Halsey also works with the San Diego Museum of Natural History, publishes The Chaparralian, a quarterly newsletter focusing on chaparral and wildfire issues in California, and teaches natural history and wildfire safety to community groups throughout the state. He has given more than 200 presentations over the past four years and assists in the development of fire management plans for both private and government organizations. The second edition of his book, Fire, Chaparral, and Survival in Southern California, was published in January, 2008. Mr. Halsey has also been trained as a Type II wildland firefighter.
TheCalifornia Chaparral Institute...the voice of the chaparral

STEVEN P. ERIE, Ph.D., is a Professor of Political Science and Director of the Urban Studies and Planning Program at UC San Diego. A 26-year resident of San Diego, he is a nationally recognized authority on urban politics, governance, and public policy. He is actively involved in public policy debates in the state and region regarding these issues. His current book project is 'Paradise Plundered: The Crisis of Growth Politics in San Diego'. He is involved in the Forum to help educate the public regardingimproving fire preparedness in the region.

TONY MORRIS is a former writer/producer with the MONTAGE Documentary Unit of NBC-TV. Morris has been writing about firefighting aircraft since 1993 and is a contributing writer for VERTICAL Magazine which covers the helicopter industry worldwide. Morris is a founder of Wildfire Research Network, a non-profit public safety research organization created in 2001 to improve wildfire suppression and control throughout California and the U.S. Morris supports the goal of improving wildfire fighting capability in the San Diego region and is committed to assisting firefighters in the region achieve that goal.

BILL MIDDLETON retired from the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department as Assistant Fire Chief after 33 years in the fire service. Middleton was responsible for emergency operations, including fire operations, special operations, EMS, training and lifeguards. Shortly after retirement, Middleton defended his home and property from the Witch creek fire. Middleton strongly believes that fire protection in San Diego County must improve.

RICHARD T. CARSON is Professor in and former Chair of the Department of Economics at the University of California, San Diego. He is immediate past President of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists and Senior Fellow at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. He previously served as Research Director for International Environmental Policy at the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation. Carson received a Ph.D. in resource economics, an M.A. in statistics from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1985 and an M.A. in international relations from George Washington University in 1979. His recent books include 'Both Sides of the Border: Transboundary Environmental Management Issues Facing Mexico and the United States', 'Economic Valuation with Stated Preference Techniques: A Manual', and 'Valuing Oil Spill Prevention: A Case Study of California's Central Coast'. He is co-author with Robert Mitchell of 'Using Surveys to Value Public Goods: The Contingent Valuation Method', which won the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists' Publication of Enduring Quality Award.

RANDY SCALES is a Fire Captain with CalFire. He has been Chapter Director of CDF Firefighters (IAFF Local 2881) for 3 years, and a Rank and File Representative for 6 years. During his 17 year career in San Diego County he has seen the destruction that fire brings to almost every part of this region. As more people move into the unincorporated areas, the risk of fires and emergencies only increases. He feels that it is imperative that the services in the back county be increased to protect the citizens who live there and the people who visit or travel thru these areas.

Doug Perry
Frank DeClercq
Kevin Crawford
Marc Davis
Vic Subia
John Traylor
Steve Miller - President, Chula Vista Firefighters (IAFF Local 2180)

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